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I love cheeseburgers and when I heard a well known restaurant and bar, known for their burgers, was moving up from Miami to Fort Lauderdale I couldn't wait to try it out and that Monday we went racing there to only find they are closed on Mondays! Okay, I don't give up easily.
Thursday I had a doctor's appointment near by and we decided to give it a try again. Yes it was open. It is a lot larger inside than you would think and though there was plenty of parking right in front I was surprised to see about 6-7 parties inside.
When you sit down at a table and look around at the whimsical wall hangings I knew I should have taken the omen when I read a sign saying "A hamburger by any other name costs twice as much."
Along with 9 or so televisions hanging around the place--3 side by side on the wall behind the small bar--the extended menu has many items to choose from. There were two servers (Owners? Managers?) who worked the floor as a team and everything seemed to be running smoothly.
There were about 15 burgers to choose from, each named, and we both decided on the "Caddy" ($10.99) consisting of the burger on a bun with tomato, red onion and pickles with a 99 cents charge for the cheddar cheese I wanted. It also comes with seasoned potato tots and it is all served in a square 'metal' dish lined with red and white checkered paper.
I had ordered the burger medium rare and it came that way which didn't help the problem of it being very greasy and being served on a 3rd rate bun that couldn't handle the grease which soaked through the bottom half making it impossible to pick up and eat so I had a cheeseburger with just the top part of the bun and my fingers on the bottom which was the burger itself. Instead of a slice of onion there were 2 half rings of onion with chopped lettuce. All in all a messy affair and the tatter tots didn't help.
The check came to $31.65 including tax plus we left a $6 tip
Along with whimsical surroundings, the many funny sayings and signs on the walls, (Let's forget the distracting TVs everywhere) plus good service and easy, free parking doesn't make up for a greasy, not particularly good tasting burger so I'll continue my search for a better cheeseburger



A nice & free publicity that you did... maybe for yourself or a relative. Lolll !!!

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