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Not being into comic books or films made from them I haven’t seen too many Marvel films but I do remember “Ant Man” this year mainly for the humor, especially the laugh out loud one liners and sight gags plus the special effects. “Deadpool” tries to be funny with many homoerotic jokes and also sight gags, most of which aren’t funny though many in the audience were laughing.
The main thing that will be remembered about the movie will be many horrendous shots of gratuitous violence. Yes we know the actors got up and went to the food table after the scenes but hands and heads being chopped off, men being kneed, punched in the crouch, women being brutalized will last longer than the movie being remembered.
The most positive aspects of the movie is the energetic performance of Ryan Reynolds giving his all, not only in making fun of his real image but in showing most of all his body! He has a sweet romance with Morena Baccarin who is as sexy looking, acting and talking as Reynolds. He is also responsible for the breaking of the 4th wall and talking to the audience consistently which sometimes works but most times doesn’t.
The opening credits are one of the best parts of the movie and the drawings, and written comments, at the end is another while sadly the rest of the movie doesn’t reach the height of either. With its raunchy, dirty, teenage humor, along with sex scenes and very visual violence, “Deadpool” earns an R rating but there were many teens in the auditorium.
Why with compliments for Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and the entire supporting cast giving fine performances in a comic book way, the opening and closing credits, a sweet, sexy love story, am I not putting this on the same level as “Ant Man”? The answer is too much of the screenplay is made of clichés, often told jokes and repeated action/violence scenes from similar made Marvel movies.
Should you decide to see it you have to see it on a movie screen or otherwise you will miss out on the never ending special effects which are the cornerstone of Marvel movies. Oh yes, and buff bodies both male and female!



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