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The first 2 days of March 2016 ended a week of celebrating my 20th Leap Year birthday. On Tuesday March 1 Mary, Pat, Glenn and I had dinner at the Quarterdeck Deck restaurant and then went to see “Kinky Boots” while the next day Mary, Pat, Allen, Philippe and I went for Lunch at the Sage—a French restaurant which I have reviewed before.
On Thursday life went back to routine with eating at new (Top Hat Deli) and old (Quarterdeck) restaurants and returning to some old/new restaurants like The Boatyard which was recently redone and the Chef’s Palette which I hadn’t been to in a long time.
I posted reviews of both the Boatyard and the Palette recently but will have to devote a post to the latter due what happened to me on Thursday March 17 when in doing the right thing I winded up having to go to the hospital and having to make a decision about the finger and going through with it on April 1—and it wasn’t an “April’s Fool Joke”!!
We saw three movies starting with “Allegiant” which was disappointing, “10 Cloverfield Lane” which was a nail biter at a couple of points and ‘Hello My Name Is Doris” returning Sally Field to the screen.
Last week I posted about my fairy catcher kit and the results or lack of same but here is a latest picture of it so maybe that fairy or those fairies will show up!
Allen had some guests from out of town and we went to the Top Hat Deli with Niels, the Sage with Philippe and to the Outback with Silvano.
Bob Swanson—first collage—sent me some of the birthday dinner pictures he had taken and the other collage are just 25 of the 167 pictures taken at the dinner!
As always walking around Gateway I have to include pictures of what Mother Nature provides us with from a neighbor starting a new Spring season garden to roses and a pineapple plant.
The month ended with Allen and I going to see the musical “Spring Awakening” about teenagers and sex in the 1800s in Germany.

All in all my birthday celebration, as usual, was memorable and March 17, 2016, along with April 1, 2016, are two days not to be forgotten but more about that later!!

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