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At the beginning of March I posted a blog review of going to eat at a chef/student’s restaurant called the Chef’s Palette and due to a misunderstanding the server didn’t get tipped so on March 17---Happy Paddy’s Day—I asked Allen to stop by the restaurant so I could give the server the tip I owed her.
Long story short: she was very pleasantly surprise and thankful for my coming back a week later which in turn made me feel pretty good. Getting back into Allen’s car I reached for the door to lose it and at the same time Allen was putting the very fast, very sharp, window up and the next thing I knew I saw the tip of my finger hanging off the top. Grabbing some napkins and quickly wrapping the around the finger I yelled to him to get to the Broward General hospital right away. Needless to say though it was very close it was also bumper to bumper traffic. As soon as checked into the ER nurse practioner Lori Bodenheimer, nurse Mary Claire and nurse trainee Jonathan Hamilton got to work cleaning it which in turn brought up whether to cut off the ring I had on the finger or cut of the finger---KIDDING!!! (Well Jonathan did look already with his new scissors!) Lori took pictures of the wound and sent it up to the hand surgeon but we did have to wait for 2 hours to do what Lori needed to be done but in turn couldn’t do it without his okay!
Dr. Dreszer came down 2 hours later—seems he was saving someone’s life in the OR and thought that was more important than saving my finger—what nerve—yes I am kidding about the nerve part! I did like the doctor as he went over what my choices were. I choose to have it sewn up and then come to his office on March 28 for him to see what was happening.

As it turned out his office was 45 minutes away from where I lived and if Allen was to take me thee and back we were talking about a 135 minute trip but as my luck would have it he was moving into a new office not even 5 minutes from where I lived.

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