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From the very first time I saw Melissa McCarthy on television in the series "The Gilmore Girls" playing Sookie I became a big fan of hers and continued to watch her in her "Mike and Molly" series. I was looking forward to her in movies when I would spot her in supporting roles and I was thrilled with her breakthrough role in "Bridesmaids" though I saw something I didn't like that was becoming trendy among female comic actresses in movies.
There is no denying the true comic timing she has plus her ability to get into physical humor like very few male or female comics can. (I sometimes worry about what the results of all this will be on her body when she gets older.) She is fun to watch whether standing still and giving a look or gets as aggressive as any human being can be without thought to what can happen to them.
Little by little though she was doing what other comic actresses were doing in films with using foul gestures and words as if to say "We can be as gross, uncouth, vulgar and low down as male movie comic stars can be." Am I a prude? I don't think so but to hear a woman using the F word over and over among other street words, telling genitalia jokes, groping men and women, vomiting up profanity continuously quickly runs thin and is no longer funny but makes you shake your head asking why did she get into this.
With McCarthy's talent is it very easy for her to rise above the material but when she is working with a screenplay below her strengths it all seems to be a string of foul abrasive lines thown out to garner a laugh but it doesn't.
Melissa McCarthy can be a funny subtle actress as she proved in "The Gilmore Girls" and did fine work in a supporting role in 'St. Vincent" but, and I am probably in a minority here, she is losing me as a fan trying to show how much lower she can get than any man in the business.
"The Boss" was directed by her husband Ben Falcone and co-written byFalcone, McCarthy and Steve Mallory. It was produced by her, her husband, and why am I not surprised, Will Ferrell among others.
McCarthy is a strong actress, a comic with extraordinary timing, and physical ability to throw herself into a set-up, but she needs people to push her to higher heights that her ability to go shines through at moments instead of sustaining a whole film. There is a brief cameo by Kathy Bates, who shows she can talk as 'dirty' as anyone, that makes you want to see them co-star and battle each other in a film for 90 minutes instead of 4 minutes.
I really have no desire to see any more McCarthy films if they continue on this track and I don't recommend "The Boss".
P.S. I understand McCarthy is returing in her role of Sookie to the new "The Gilmore Girls" remake!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jNWgac2sQc Trailer


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