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A lot happened in April with some new and some old. Under the new was having the tip on my 4th finger on the right hand down to the nail bed removed surgically the first day of the month which I am still dealing with mentally.
Allen went to Paris, France, for 3 weeks and I had/have his car. I must admit this time I have been so frugal with my freedom and spending of money. Yes, I did buy a new printer but mine ‘died’.
I am still busy with Leap Year pictures and posts though I took a break from posts about the party, and surrounding events, for a few weeks. I still haven’t started the collage I want to make but I do have all the material on hand.
April weather has been beautiful, what we call ‘tourist weather’—mid to high 80s during the day, low humidity and a great breeze. Very little rain and when it did rain it didn’t inconvenience anyone.
I saw 7 new movies: the worst was “Mr. Right” and the best was “Viva”. I ate in 3 new restaurants and revisited a few oldies, some good, some reliable and, as always, the outstanding Café Vico and The Quarterdeck.
Theatre was a revival of “Cabaret” and a stage version of “Dirty Dancing”. Still to see in the 2015-2016 are “Beautiful”, the Carole King musical and the return of the touring company of “Beauty and the Beast”.
Last, but not least, I (with millions of other subscribers) had my name on the front of Time Magazine!
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