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I had read a couple reviews of this new restaurant in Fort Lauderdale with both being good and both really raving about the pastrami so we decided to give it a try. Aside from the fact that we didn't know where we were going added to the hour drive to get there only to be met with the streets all around being torn up with construction but we did see the bright red BBQ sign and finally figured out how to maneuver the streets to get there. It turns out that we have eaten in restaurants on that street before.
Walking in I had a bad feeling when I saw it was the 'new' cafeteria set ups for restaurants with you ordering your food at the counter, wait for it, pay and take it to your table. The feeling continued when I saw on their menu board, written under the pastrami, 'first come first serve' and I was right to have that feeling as they were out of it.
Both the counter guy and the cashier were very nice but their saying if we waited an hour the pastrami would be ready as they had a rush due to a good blurb in the paper the day before didn't help. Sorry but if you are going to say first come first serve you are not prepping well for the day.
I ordered the brisket sandwich ($8.99) which is served plain on a roll nothing else. I contemplated a side but when I saw the size of the sides and the cost--an example is the coleslaw for a small, and it is small--of $2.50 I decided against having it.I had a can of coke for $1.75 so the whole lunch came to $11.38.
We took a table near the window and wouldn't you know it but a big supply truck pulled up and that took care of any view and light we would have had.
The sandwich was filled with a good portion of brisket but it wasn't even warm.
Maybe money is saved by not having a server but looking around I could see crumbs on tables, even sauce, so it is up to the customer to clean the table when leaving. It would help to hire someone just to keep wiping the tables.
All in all I wouldn't go again though I know they are new and need to get some things worked out but I would suggest before you go call for driving instructions--no, don't depend on your GPS--and make sure they have enough pastrami, if that's what you want, for you to have when you get there.

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