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am I just getting clumsier? Or more careless? Or is it because I am old?
I spent 6 hours of a beautiful Saturday afternoon first at the Holy Cross Urgent Care on South Federal and then the ER at the Holy Cross on North Federal.
Okay it all started Wednesday when I stopped in a gas station to fill up the rear right passenger side of Allen's car as it said 'low pressure 27'--as I put the hose to the tire and started to fill it some debris flew up and I felt something go in my eye.
On Thursday getting up from my computer I had forgotten to close one of the draws and banged my right shin into it.
I washed my eye out and put a cold compress on my leg.
Long story short--after calling doctor (he was off Friday) and insurance the latter suggested I go to the new Holy Cross Urgent Center today as the calf was getting more swollen and the eye was 'glued closed' when I woke up.
Was surprised there was only 2 patients there but was happy as it meant I won't get in and out--and I did AFTER the Doctor said she would give me a prescription for the eye as it was infected BUT also said I would have to go to the HC ER to get an ultra sound as it being Saturday they technician wasn't there. She wrote there was a hematoma that was getting bigger and because my last (10 days ago) INR count was 5.0 (should be between 2.5-3.5) and I have to go the ER to get an ultra sound and further evaluation so off I went!!
I got to the ER room and was surprised that they weren't busy BUT it took an hour before someone came and took another INR test plus another hour for the result (I could have gone home, taken my home test been back to the ER in a 1/2 hour.)
Doctor (a different one) came in and said she doesn't think an ultra sound is necessary--an hour later she said I should go home, put my leg up with a cold compress.

Adding insult to injury, after I picked up the eye drop prescription I couldn't get out of the CVS parking lot because the Air and Sea Show had just ended and traffic was bumper to bumper to get onto Sunrise Boulevard
And how was your Saturday?

PS I forgot—I was also diagnosed with bursitis on my right elbow!!!
PPS Allen gets back today from France so after 3 weeks with a car I am a prisoner again!

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