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There are many reasons to see “The Meddler” and 4 are Susan Sarandon, Sarandon, Susan Sarandon and SusanSarandon. There is a scene of pure joy when she, playing Marnie, starts laughing out of control with her daughter Lori, played by Rose Byrne. In another scene it seems like she is having an orgasm just eating a poached egg in the center of a slice of fried bread with classical music in the background with each beat timed with a bite and any food lover will identify with that!
In a scene with J.K. Simmons, playing would be motorcycle suitor---Wait! As he says “I am a Harley Davidson which is a different thing” --she makes him look better on screen than he ever has.
And, yes, you can’t take it away from her because when Susan Sarandon appears in that body hugging red dress with a deep V top, nearing 70 in October, she is still one sexy woman.
The film is not perfect as there is a screenplay by LoreneScafaria, who also directed, regarding a mother-daughter relationship which strays far afield to the mother paying for a wedding for a Lesbian couple, played by Cecily Strong and Casey Wilson, her going to private sessions with her daughter’s therapist, AmyLandecker, meddling with her daughter’s ex boyfriend, Jason Ritter, and, yes, meddling in the lives of those around her but, in particularly, her daughter’s. She steers a young Black man, Jerrod Carmicheal, who sold her an Iphone in an Apple store, to go back to school and drives him there every night besides buying a set of text books to help him with his exams, not to forget trying to patch up the rift he has with his brother.
Supported with a star studded cast taking small roles such as Harry Hamlin, Laura San Giacomo, not to forget Michael McKean in a slightly bigger role as another suitor of Marnie’s plus 12 bridesmaids with the flower girl being the child of the Lesbian couple there is no doubt that only Susan Sarandon could be THE STAR of this movie! One minor complaint, very minor, every now and then her Brooklyn accent is jarring.
“The Meddler” is a movie worth seeing if only for the ‘loving to eat egg and bread’ scene, the red dress scene and every other scene Sarandon is in!



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