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At least 2-3 times a year I get suckered into seeing a movie from seeing a trailer or hearing that it got 5 star reviews, it has an Oscar nominated director, a solid cast lead by an A list actor, sounds and/or looks different or for many various reasons. For some, if not all the reasons listed, I went, with Allen and Philippe to see "The Lobster".
Walking out of the movie the best part was overhearing the audience making comments and reading the cremarks they left on The Gateway Theatre audience comment board. Oh yes, and listening to what Philippe and Allen had to say. One of them hit it on the head when they said "It was weird!" Allen was trying to make it more or less a time of the world in the very far future but that didn't fit in with cars and trucks of today among other things.
The premise is that being coupled is better and safer than being single. A person who is single for any various reasons has 45 days to find a partner or be turned into an animal of their choice. After that you are on your own folks!
Should you be intolerant of animal cruelity stay away from this movie though human beings aren't spared either and most in the audience kept their eyes closed in the last scene.
(I'm blaming Allen for putting us through this 1 hour and 58 minutes movie as all he had to say was that we should see something else!)
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