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Whenever I go grocery shopping I love to come upon foods that I have never heard of, never tried or just struck me as completely new. Most times I am happy to just try them once but often they become my food of the month!! One of the things I have to be careful of is the sodium content in new process foods and, obviously, if you are food smart, you know at least 5 of the above are not only heavy with salt but there number of portions per bag or container are laughable.
I first came across Flipz pretzels a few years ago in the Dollar Tree store and I devoured bags and bags of them from the milk chocolate to the white chocolate and then they sort of disappeared until last week when I saw bags of white chocolate pretzels and a new kind called birthday cake pretzels. Hopefully they will run out of them soon!
There are about a half a dozen different Harvest Snaps and though they are tasty just as the Fresh Gourmet lightly salted crispy onions but I eat the whole bag of each and there goes the salt—and blood pressure—numbers soaring.
I haven’t had the hummus dips yet as I am still hung up on dipping my chips in salsa but I will change s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n!!!

What are the last new foods have you tried?

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