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Spring Chicken is so new that they still haven't put the name of the restaurant over the front door--though it is on the other 3 sides. Walking in everything is clean,sparkling and though they try for that old down home feeling it is too modern!
The best thing, and I can't rave enough about him, was our 'host' David. It has been a long time since I was greeted with such a big,handsome, lasting smile and by someone using my name from beginning to end (as soon as he asked for it to put on the receipt) including as I was walking out! I'd like to think it was because I was special but whether talking to a co-worker or a customer he acted the same.
Alright it was nice he was called a 'host' on the receipt (which reminds me hearing "Instead of a title give me a raise!") but he was the order taker and he did a good job at that including good suggestive add-on selling.
I ordered the Country Club ($6.95) choosing the crispy chicken breast over the grilled, while Allen had the Natural Griller ($5.95). I ordered 1 regular house fries ($3.75) for us to split and while I had a diet coke ($2.25) and Allen had the shake of the month--orange--for ($6.95).
Allen didn't have much to say about his sandwich while I find mine tasty except the potato bun was cut in such a way that the bottom part was cut way too thin making it a mess to hold and eat. The fries were pre-seasoned and tasted okay.
Spring Chicken falls in the category of the new, fast casual restaurant which means not having table service. You place and pay for your order when you enter, are given a vibrator 'caller' that will let you know when your food is ready then you pick it up. You also clean your table when you are finished by removing the plates and tray.
While there was nothing bad about the food there was nothing special either that warrants spending $13.73 for one lunch.
The big selling point aside from everything being new and sparkling clean was David the host. Restaurant owners and managers should use him as an example of who to hire to 'sell' their business!
By the way the ceiling decor was fascinating!!

PS I don't know if he was a manager and/or owner but the only one not smiling and walking around with a dour look on his face was the one person not dressed in the Spring Chicken uniform! David, give him a lesson in making a customer feel special whether behind the counter or walking around the dining room.

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