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Since I haven’t celebrated my birthday in 3 years I am now getting ready for Monday, February 29, 2016, but more about that in another post!

To me my birthday is February29--not February 28 or March 1--so I only celebrate it on February 29, once every 4 years. It was 39 years ago that I celebrated my 10th Leap Year Birthday and it was one of the biggest of all I celebrated.

Long story short--I lived in Memphis, Tennessee and I had a party, in 3 parts, for 300 ‘of my closest friends’ at the Hilton Airport hotel. It started with a jazz cocktail hour followed by a prime rib dinner and ended with a full band, dancing and dessert. There is a whole epilogue to tell but that is another post. All 300 of my ‘friends’ have disappeared from my life!

In any case since then I have had 9 additional Leap Year celebrations and am looking to my 20th birthday next year.
I made this slideshow of the last 10 celebrations and here are the years as mixed up as they are!
1. 1976 2. 2008 3. 1984 4. 1992 5.1996 6. 2000 7. 2004 8. 1976 9. 1980 10. 1984 11. 1984 12. 1976 13. 2000 14. 1996 15. 1996 16. 1984 17. 1976 18. 1976 19. 1988 20.2012
They were 10 great celebrations but the best is yet to come! (And if you want to come let me know--remember it is February and in the rest of the USA it is cold and snowing while here in Fort Lauderdale it is in the high 70s and low 80s with sunshine!)

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