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When I was young, about 1996 when I was 60, I had a collection of over 500 books and a collection of VHS tapes exceeding 400 movies plus I had taped all the Oscar and Tony award shows every year. One day I realized that I only read 7 of the books a few times each and, maybe, watched a dozen of the tapes more than once though I would watch the same movie if I saw it while surfing television.
As I learned when people get older they want less ‘things’ and when I was ready to move in 1999 I was tired packing, unpacking, building shelves, putting books and tapes in alphabetical order and decided that was it. I proceeded to sell all the movie tapes and all but those 7 books on eBay. I kept the award tapes and a bunch of gay themed tapes. A few years later I gave my mailman’s son all the award tapes as he was going to film and theatre school. I still have the tapes but that is another post.
I don’t remember which was the first DVD I bought but I got those I wanted to see again and some I never saw and knew wouldn’t be on TV. Before I knew it I had 25 dvds and I knew it was time to stop because most of them would just be on the shelf collecting dust. I haven’t bought a DVD or taped a show in a couple of years now and that’s okay. One friend bought me some books and another bought me a collection of Rodgers and Hammerstein films.
My collection of DVDs and maybe a remark or two are:
The R&H collection consist of Carousel, Oklahoma, The King and I, The Sound of Music, South Pacific and State Fair.
Dreamgirls--I fell in love with the movie and saw it in the theatre about 15 times. I have watched the DVD about 10 times and have seen it on cable when surfing and coming across it.
De-Lovely--a good bio about Cole Porter starring Kevin Kline. I saw it in the theatre and watched the DVD once.
Every Little Step--whenever I need “A Chorus Line “ fix, and I refuse to watch the horrible movie version, I will watch this. A first rate documentary about my favorite ever Broadway musical.
Sordid Lives--one of the funniest films ever made with a first rate cast.
The Big Knife--a sterling cast at their best in an Odets’ play brought to life on film.
A Beautiful Mind--Russell Crowe at his best
Boys Don’t Cry--a powerful film that seems to be forgotten
Stage Beauty--missed it in theatre and thought I should see it--bad thought
Angels in America Part 1 & 2--and DVD collector should have this in their collection.
Elaine Stritch At Liberty--if I didn’t buy the DVD I would never have seen it and I am glad I did.
Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows--Judy Davis in a brilliant performance
Vera Drake--missed it in the movie house and wanted to see it.
Chicago--one of the better musical films
Steal Magnolias--a classic film with excellent performances
Running On Empty--an unappreciated, underrated, moving film
Monster--Charlize Theron gives THE best performance ever on the silver screen.
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer The part Theron played in Monster and after seeing this made me appreciate her performance even more than I did.
And that’s it folks--not buying anymore DVDs and might even sell/give these away-- any offers? :O)

Now about those VHS tapes I have!

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