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I have many reasons for loving and living at The Gateway Terrace apartments and one is just walking around and being surprised. It could be a sunset (photo #s 1-4)--nothing spectacular but beautiful anyway with reds, pinks, grays, blacks all changing as the minutes go by.

Just walking along you can all of a sudden come across the bright eyes of one of the owned cats who stroll around as if they own the place and, in a sense, they do! I don’t know the name of this black and white cat (photo 5) but I do know he is from one of the boats docked along the walk way in Karen Bay which is part of the New Middle River. We have an orange tabby, a few brown and white cats, all who roam around from apartment to apartment knowing who leaves food and/or water out for them and then go back to their owners mewing as if they hadn’t had a bite to eat for weeks!

I couldn’t name all the various flowers we have on the acres of land that make up the Gateway Terrace apartments but one is more beautiful than the next. From the rose (photo 6) to many colored hibiscus to bushes and orchids that neighbors plant in front and back of the buildings along with Birds of Paradise, Cuban Butterfly plants, Queen Crepe Myrtle trees and Crepe Myrtle bushes, lime trees, various colored Jacaranda trees along with red Royal Poinciana trees. There are mango and avocado trees, along with many palm and various cactus plantings.

I live in a world of color and surprises constantly supplied by Mother Nature!



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