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Allen and I have been friends for over a decade. I know he doesn't believe in birthdays or holidays so I wasn't really expecting a present and there really was no need for him to give me one.
Every Thursday he comes over and takes me shopping for food plus going to the Dollar Tree, Office Depot, the bank, the pantry, Home Depot, CVS and any other errands I have to run plus a bite to eat.
Every Friday we go to the movies and have lunch after. When he goes out of town I get to use his car and, of course, it is because of him that I can go to the theatre--well except for one time but we waon't talk about that!
I've been talking about my Leap Year dinner for so long and in such detail he knew almost as much about what was planned as I did. In September I went to the Sweeter Days Bakery shop and discussed with the lady there the various types of cake I had in mind and she gave me estimated prices for each.
I was getting a little anxious as February 29 came closer and a few weeks before we stopped at the bakery. It seemed the lady who gave me prices wasn't there anymore so I talked to the boss and the price was a 'little' higher than I expected. I agreed on the one I wanted and he said he would deliver to the Cafe Vico on February 29 at 5:30 PM.
Two weeks before the dinner party Allen and I were coming back from lunch at the Sea Watch and I told him I wanted to stop at the bakery and pay (charge) for the cake. We went in, spoke to the boss, made final decisions and he handed me the bill. At this point Allen took the bill and said he was paying for it!! I was stunned and didn't know what to say and, as you know that is rare for me.
Thank you Allen for all you have done for me!


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