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This was going to be a 2 part series but it seems that people are misunderstanding what I want to say so I want to explain a little further and will break this part into 2 parts.
I am NOT against gay couplings! If two people of the same sex want to get together to express their love and/or to allow themselves the same and many legal benefits, including financial, that nongay couples get/have by getting a legal license that recognizes their status as a couple in the eyes of the law then I am all for that! What I am not for is calling it ‘marriage’, for following traditions that don’t seem to work.
If you only got a mark of 50% in school you wouldn’t graduate. If you only gave your boss 50% at work you would be fired. If you only paid 50% of your rent or your mortgage you would be thrown out of your home. Why are you willing to continue to follow a role model that is only successful 50% of the time? And that is why marriage as has been practiced for centuries needs a makeover and who can do it better than gay people? Aren’t they, stereotypically, the best at makeovers?
I don’t expect nongay people in miserable marriages to comment and talk about it. Yes it is nice to read about the success of opposite sex marriages but, again, this is not what this post is about. This is about correcting something that is wrong and making it better. I, personally think that those who are getting involved in same sex commitments for life can look at the mistakes that opposite sex attempts at commitment have made and show other ways to do it.
Let two members of the same sex get that legal license and instead of what has been tradition turn it on its head and set a new model for all---same and opposite sexes--to follow and maybe, just maybe, the divorce rate will fall among nongays and not happen among gays.
There are many reasons why gays want to get married. Being a romantic I would like to believe that all do it because they love each other and want to let the world know that it is about that love. I also think, possibly, in the USA it might be about the over 1,000 federal tax breaks they will get if the marriages are recognized by law. It also helps with Wills, estates, inheritances and many other legal aspects that unmarried people don’t get.
But let’s get back that it is done for love---ahhhhhhhh.
In part 1 I wrote about some of the traditions that nongay people go through when they get married and now let me explain why I don’t want gay ‘marriages’.
It has been said for as long as I can remember that gay people are imaginative, are leaders in fashions and styles, sets trends in music, dance an are ahead of the rest. Is that a false stereotype? Are we just as dull as nongays? Are we followers?

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