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31 Days, 31 Icons - Tell us your icon for LGBT History Month

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Every day throughout October LGBT History Month in the U.S. gets into gear to honour 31 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender icons for their achievements, or for their significant contribution to LGBT civil rights. By celebrating these high-profile individuals, History Month sends a strong message about the importance of recognising the role of LGBT people in today's society to help combat and break down prejudice.

As well as celebrating the lives of LGBT people, History Month is also about educating, promoting and understanding our Queer history, which is a history that isn't very widely known. Queer history isn't taught in schools and most of us probably didn't grow up in families or environments where Queer history was available, we had to find out for ourselves.

Get involved!

This year Gays.com would like you to get involved with History Month by telling us about your icon. Who are they and why did they inspire you? What was/is their impact on your life?

Your icon can be anyone from the list on the History Month website or you can write about your own inspirational figure not from the list (and it doesn't have to a celebrity), it's entirely up to you. Share your responses below.


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This a great topic Mark. Although growing up on an island with a strict, conservative and religious parents, I don't really know any LGBT or non-LGBT that would've inspired me. I would love the opportunity to have that someone inspirational in my life growing up. I'm sure down the line I will have one or more.

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