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Not as they say or seem that they are - Gay Guys! <3

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I do not know about the rest of everyone, but I have lately been messaged by several so-called guys that are, for lack of a better word, fake. I have even followed one to yahoo and discovered that the message was not the same as the person on the yahoo instant message.

Now I know that the site is about to, I do not know when, under go a face lift, however the security seems to be of an issue. I know that one should be highly observant of what one says, and to whom one chats or messages with. but please be careful and do some intense question asking and servey the answers as real or false. So far I have been talking to persons that were state side only to find out that they were military officers in Afganistan, now I know that chances are this is crap, simply because of the direction and purpose of the questions.

So I warn you BEWARE AND WATCH WHAT YOU SAY TO WHOM, until you are certain that the person IS who his is. CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!


Look at the difference between the English in the profile and the messages he sends you. If the profile is beautifully written, but the supposed guy behind it can barely say "duh... um.... hi! ... duh...." - then he's a fake.


@James if you think that a person is fake that is because there are scrammer on here at times..I do my best to report all of those that i think is one and ask if you can do the same thing...Just report them by going to there pic and click on report or you can send me by copy and paste your message to me and I will send them on and report the person...

I have gotten rid of 5 just in the last week..So please report or message me..

Thank you


All sites are potential contact points for scammers. Ryader Intheaether has one good point, the more slovenly written the messages are is always a sign to pause, they may be just poorly educated, but often they are foreigners who have put up photos that are not congruent with how they write. If they immediately want to converse with you on e-mail or Skype, they are probably a scammer, tell them to contact you thru the site you are on. Look them up on Facebook, without asking, if they are on there with the same info, good, otherwise! And always report them to gays.com who have always been good about offloading scammers!


any changes be welcome here

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