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Michael Wolfe please contact me As Soon As Possible - Gay Guys! <3

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Hello Michael Wolfe,

I would like to know how I might be able to delete my profile/account and remove myself totally and all together. I know that it is the words and personae of one person, however my email account is bulging from all of the emails that I have gotten from one Mr. Mark Lewis from this site.
I have been informed by my Attorney after having him read some of the nonsense that I have gotten from here because of Mr. Lewis, that I need to remove myself from this site immediately because if I do not there may be a lawsuit place against Mr. Lewis and the Site. So to protect the Site that you and the girls have been working on I will leave. He also stated that there better was of dealing with just such a person especially over the "NET!" Also you should beware, since I am leaving to help you retain the site in one piece, that It would behoove you to remove the chaff from the wheat, ie the riff raff. or legally you coutd be in trouble.

I MYSELF am having a hard time staying on here, I am not used to being belittled by small minded not well educated or traind people. AND FOR Mr. Lewis to have said the things that he said to me about my friends and partners dying from AIDS AND they should have died be cause they wanted to not be around me. I am sorry I have a lawsuit against him and the site if I so desire but I do not want this site the headache nor do I want anymore bs mail in my email account and please tell the girls their site is great but there are a lot of frauds out there and just beware .

please do not forget to inform me as to how to remove myt profile and account from here. Thank you

James H. Wilson


You can delete your account by going to the drop down menu next to the little circle at the very right hand end of the menu strip across the top of the page - to the right of your name. On that drop down menu select Settings. On the settings page Delete Account is the bottom option. Just fill in your current password and you can make it happen.


James I have just message you...

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