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Keeping them waiting... - Gay Guys! <3

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When you date a guy, do you keep them waiting, you know, sexually?

I've only ever dated once, and my whoremones were all over the place xp I let them have it on the first date. But now that I've done it once, I think I'll keep the next guy waiting. Maybe on the fourth date?

My question is:
For the bottoms: how long would you keep him waiting?
For the tops: how long till you make a move?


I am a top. I never force a guy to do anything. I let them set the pace. My goal is to make them reach orgasm on their own, not by me forcing it.


I know if the guy is very hot or they really make it plain that they want to have sex right away then it's hard to wait. I think sometimes having sex can take away from the dating process and takes away any anticipation of what is to come which can keep dating interesting. On the other hand if you have sex right away you find out very quickly if that's all they wanted and suddenly they become not interested in you any more. For some, having sex is their only goal and then they move on.

If you're the romantic type and want to have a longer dating period, it's probably best to wait for a while to have sex. That's only my opinion and I'm sure you will get many different responses. Hoping you have many happy experiences.


I am 83 years old and have no time for waiting.

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