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Who is going to Gay Pride Events this summer? Anyone have any preferences? - The Rainbow Lounge

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I am hoping to go to a Gay Pride event this year as never been before, and looking for new people to talk to. Possibly get to know who's going where and who I could possibly hang with while at the event. I have actually signed up to volunteer at the Glasgow Pride, so if anyone in that area wants to meet up soon that would be excellent!
I'd love to hear anyone's stories of past Pride events they have been to and what they did afterwards e.g. Which bars, nightclubs are good to go to. Hotels? Restaurants?
Any inputs much appreciated


Well imogen glasgowpride is being held in a car park this year and an admission charge is being levied, so my group is going to pride march then elsewhere dont know yet, it certainly wont be as good as the last 2 years.
Scotiapride is on in edinburgh.
And lets not forget northern pride in Newcastle, always a good event, and in oct cumbria pride,no doubt in the swallow hotel again.
see your in carisle, you should go to liverpool pride by far the best pride event in the uk.
As for my group "out here forth valley " its on fb, and will be going to pride events and other events in central scotland.


Since you are on the other side of the pond we want be able to meet but I know you will have fun at your first parade...


I'd like to go to London or Brighton Pride this summer!


Liam suggest london pride rather than brighton, some pride events have the community taking part in the march, and some have floats as a carnival parade.
london at least you get to take part in pride march.but do log onto londonpride site and register your going.
Imogen have you checked out the "womens tent" at northern pride in Newcastle you may find a nice lass through that group.


well i will be going to the Birmingham Pride and hopefully the Glasgow Pride this year


Well if a few of you are going to the events get together and walk in the pride event. As for a banner, why not under "gays.com" it gets this site known and seen as part of the rainbow community.
You would require the permission from tara for that but cannot see that being a problem, after all "out & proud" you should not be ashamed of this site, no matter what country your in.
Also its free advertising for this site being seen on u-tube and other social media sites.


I've been in Pride Parades 4 times in the last two years. I enjoy Pride and do not want to ever miss Pride.

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