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RBS Six Nations (Week three) - Gay Guys! <3

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Well, well, well, well

What an amazing week for Wales! Yes, Wales!
Not only did we beat France and snatch the Grandslam from their clutches but England beat Ireland taking the Grandslam from them meaning that the championship dream is still open! Wales could still make history dream three!
However, in other news poor Italy losing by one point in the last ten seconds! The closest and harshest defeat yet!

Wales 27 - 6 France
Italy 20 - 21 Scotland
England 13 - 10 Ireland

The scoreboard stand like this
1st Ireland
2nd England
3rd Wales
4th France
5th Scotland
6th Italy

Come on Wales the dream is still alive!
Cymru am byth!


lol that sounds good Richard. i hope the do make it

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