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RBS Six Nations (Week Two) - Gay Guys! <3

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Yes, I know I'm over a week late with this, had a whole pile of work hit me in University and I've only know had a spare five minutes to pop on here!

First let's start with the flop of a match Wales had. Goodness knows what happened, we're known as the comeback Kings so I honestly though we'd dominate the second half and... Well... We didn't!
So we got dominated, there was a slight uneasiness in Wales about the referees so called 'impartialness' to me he didn't seem all that impartial, he seemed more leaneant with Ireland and more harsh with Wales, but that's just my opinion.
Ireland 26 - 3 Wales
Scotland 0 - 20 England
France 30 - 10 Italy

Ireland and France are the only two teams who are still on track for a Grandslam, however, if Wales learn from this defeat and get their head in the game we could still make history by winning three consecutive championships, we just need to hope Ireland lose somewhere and we don't lose anymore matches The scoreboard stands like this:
1st Ireland
2nd France
3rd England
4th Wales
5th Italy
6th Scotland

We may have lost but I still believe in Wales and our pride will win us through, the flame of the dragon never dies!
Cymru am byth!



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