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Debate that's making me feel strange... - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey guys,

I'm currently having to use my Personal Hotspot on my iPad Air because my Wi-Fi internet is down due to technical difficulties, bloody Virgin Media, we pay for a crap service! Thank God for super fast 4G eh'?

Anyway, I was having a debate a few days ago about the Death Penalty, now I'm super anti-death penalty because it's basically legalised murder and what gives us the right to kill someone who killed others or whatever - you're basically saying that two wrongs make a right and death is too kind for some people, anyway, they mentioned assisted suicide and I'm pro assisted suicide and they said that makes me a hypocrite that I won't allow someone to die for committing a crime but I'll allow someone to die if they have a terminal illness.

I don't think it makes me a hypocrite, it shows that I believe allowing someone to live is worse than killing them, when someone's dead they no longer suffer, why would we allow a criminal to die but allow an innocent person suffer with a terminal illness and not know when they're going to die? It's not nice, it's sick and backwards!

Sorry about this, I just needed to vent, the problem is ever since then I've been looking really deeply in what I believe in and thinking am I a hypocrite? D:
Life is complicated XD


Well, Richard, my feelings about the death penalty is that it is Not about punishing the criminal, but it IS about protecting all the potential victims of the killer. Don't forget that a 20 y/o killer, receiving a 25 year sentence, is out of jail at the age of 45 and is probably still full of rage and would like revenge. Putting him to death SAVES lives. Just my thoughts.

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