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My Shame - Poetry Group

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Dark cloud upon my shoulders at evening rest
Home comfort sought in my sheets on laying down from frozen tale
Grooming of the garden had no longer been favour to a neighbour
Only seed sown was that of my innocence

Cries from late night for guardians protection
Came only with hails of orders of obedience
I tried to cry for my shame but perhaps such thought was evil
For if he was evil why would they send me to work

Moring birds awakened me in jest
Laughter in their song was lost on me
Chills came on a summers day for I was to face winter again
Once again the shawl of my comfort sends me to unrest

How majestic the garden I am tending
And birds flock to settle in the new trees
The calling of the crow in the evening
Send shivers to my healthy grin

The master has called an end to the day
The workers find time for smoke
The crows find time to stop their calls
And after I am dismissed from the masters room
At home I find time in my room from my shame


Very powerful


Thank you Mr Goncalves for you comment. The power of words have always been an escape.


They are priceless jewels that express emotions we all share!


Again I thank you for all your king words. xx

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