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My first proper day of University and... - Gay Guys! <3

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Well, actually proper day since December - that long break didn't do me any favours, these early mornings will be the death of me!
I'm ill, with a extremely bad sore throat, I also had a headache develop and my ears are starting to go muffled - so it looks like a cold is coming on and it couldn't happen at a worse time since I have an exam right around the corner (28th)
I have time to recover, I have next week off - they call it a Reading week - it's basically REVISE LIKE HELL!
Then we have the week after that off as well!
I guess we officially start properly in February!
Fun fun!


Hi Rich ,I hope your start to feel better..I know what that cold feels like I too am just getting over one..I know you will do god on the test just relax and drink lot's of tea and before you know it you will be over the cold and killing it in school..


Hey Richard, sorry to hear you're feeling so rotten. I guess the 2 weeks off will be used for some R & R and some studying for your exam. Good luck with both of those. Don't stress out over it, things will take their course and you'll ace the exam. A hot toddy sounds in order to get you throught the cold. Take care.

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