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Me again!
I'm never off this site these days!
This maybe my last post for a few months because University is starting up fully next week.
First of all I thought I'd let you guys know about my lil illness and how it's going, well so far the bleeding has stopped and the steroids are making me eat everything in site - boys! Watch your *you know what!* I may just chomp it off XD - I've also been put on a 3 month course of Iron tablets now every time I've been put on these Iron tablets they kinda have this side-effect where they make me... Stoned... They basically make me high, I don't know why but when I take them I'm off it... More than usual XD
So my second date on Saturday is going to be quite interesting and University for that matter being, now being on 19 tablets a day XD Shake me, I rattle!

So yeah, I got my second date on Saturday which I need to stay somewhat sane otherwise I'll scare him off - even tho he already knows how mad I am!

Anyway guys this maybe my last post until term 2 ends which could be around March/April - who knows when I make my next post I may have a boyfriend! ;D


Great to here you are doing better now. Your have to have checks in place to stop you from waking up in a park if the pills make you like that.


Richard. You have a great ability to 'bounce back'!!! I know you've been through some tough times in your life but I believe it's your love of life that always makes you come back for more. Just like you're telling us with your illness. It's tough what you go through when it flares up but I'm so glad you have got it under control, even if you rattle with all those pills every time you take a step!!

It sounds (from the way you are talking about it) as if Uni is going well for you and that you are liking being there and hopefully learning lots as well! I am really glad about that because hopefully it's going to give you options and choices in life that you might not otherwise have had. And it's hopefully stimulating that creative brain of yours and filling it with new ideas. I do hope that term 2 goes really well.

And third It sounds good that you are back on 'boyfriend safari', stalking up on some big game. Enjoy it, and I hope things work out for you to get a good new b/f to be able to share stuff with. Will think of you on Saturday night.

Do stay in touch, come back and let us know how things are going or PM me for my email if you ever wanted to. x



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