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My Heartbreak of the Year - Poetry Group

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Memories so vivid
Swallow me whole
Emotions so heavy
Devour my heart
Life should be great
But it's still missing him
The chains of a broken heart
Bind me to memories of my lost love
A love that wasn't true
To a love that was never meant for me
And yet I treasure it inside
Telling myself that it was better to love
But in reality deep deep down
I wish I wouldn't have loved him
Because love was not enough for him
I try to hold on to what sanity I have left
But I'm still slipping away
We agreed to be friends
But now I realize that it is not possible
How could I befriend he who held my heart
Who then casted my heart aside
Just as my heart began to feel warmth
Inside I knew I shouldn't have
But in the end I saw hope
I chose to hope instead of listening to myself
Often I find myself moving on
Other days my mind drifts away to our nights
When he held me close
When he made me feel warm
When our time together was the only thing
I looked forward to all day
Yet I find myself alone now
And he's with another
So preoccupied with his life so it seems
I could only wish mine was the same
That way I'd have no time to think and linger
No time to feel sorry myself
Sorry that I chose to love him
He who couldn't choose to love me right
To love me with the same way I loved him
Because to him I was chain
A chain that would take his freedom
A freedom more powerful than my love
Never have I had such a regret as I do now
In the end I have myself to blame
But he also lured me in
Seduced and charmed my heart
Kept it until it was no longer a use to him
I find myself unable to figure a way out
A way to pick up the pieces of my heart
I see him so happy with his new life
And wish it was just as simple for me
But it is not
For one who has truly loved as I did
It's never easy to simply move on
It will be harder and harder each day
But one day my heart will love again
And until then I must survive the coming days
The days of loneliness and heartbreak.

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