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bullied - Get HAPPY

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Iv been bullied at my schools my first school which was hofific these are just a few things i would like to say that iv been bullied for one is because in autistic and have dyslexic too which is a pain because i cant spell proper which is soo frusctratting a mother is what i believe in which is angels and ghosts every body at school calls me a creepy basterd because of it and a mother is because i am gay one more is because of how i look how ridiculous is that

and from all of this bullying this means that i can never trust any human what ever the sictuaction is again from it well that's my story what's yours


Your bullied post touched me deeply when you spoke of why you were bullied in school, the variety of reasons that your peers and others heaped abuse upon your head. School was a nightmare for me until I quit at 16, I was bullied by teachers and students alike. I grew up in a immigrant family, other than my American mother we spoke Italian in the home. While I knew English when I started school, I had a very thick accent, and the American kids teased me mercilessly.

They taught me to misspell my last name and tried to change how it was pronounced to sound more American, my parent put a stop to those cruelties, that was first grade, In second grade I had some old battleax bitch teacher who hated children, she would beat us with a yard stick and I was her favorite whipping boy, along with Dotti-Jean, we were both redheads. Miss Slye was old-fashioned Puritan Yankee and believed that ginger hair was a sign of the devil. My Gramma gave me sage advice, which I faithfully followed. The next time that old cunt started with me I told her to go fuck herself, Gramma was a assemblyline stitcher in the sweatshops and pulled no punches.

It was wonderfully effective, I got dragged down the principal's office everytime, but she didn't never hit me with that yardstick no more. The principal called in the school secretary and the school nurse the first time I done it and made me repeat what I had said to Miss Slye, they broke up laughing cuz she was a misery that they all hated and loved that I could say what they couldn't. That was also when I started to be class clown cuz I liked how it felt to make people laugh, with me and not at me.

My father, and most of the teachers called me stupid cuz I had a hard time learning, they let the kids make fun of me if I ast too many times questions about the lessons cuz I was always the last one to understand shit, if I got to understand it. Teachers put me in the corner and made me wear dunce caps, and wondered why I swore at them constantly, I did get very friendly with the school shrink cuz I got sent to him for being incorrigible, I worked hard to learn that word cuz I was proud of being bad.

I was never smart, couldn't read well, especially out loud, it was painful to sound out words in English, it is so much harder than Italian, or even the French and Portuguese spoken in the family. I hated school, it was torture. I was a square peg that they were always trying to smash thru a round hole, and it did lotsa a damage. When I was quitting high school they made me do tests first, told me I have a high IQ and told me that they thought that I might have something new called dyslexia. They wanted me to stay and put me in special ed.

Screw that, I had a job since I was 13, I needed money, besides, my girlfriend was pregnant, so at 16, I quit school, worked 2 parttime jobs and got an apartment with my girlfriend, getting around in a beat up car almost as old as me. I still mix things up but I taught myownself to read, to take my time and reread a thing until I could figure out what it meant.

I did eventually go to night school and earnt a diploma, my accent faded, unless I am seriously pissed off, I even put my self thru some college as I worked fulltime and raised my kids as a single dad. I finally got a chance to earn a degree from college in my 40s and actually graduated with High Honors and was inducted into the Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa. I was amazed that I had been able to do so much better cuz the time was right, and I was still the class clown, but cuz I like to make people laugh.

That's my story, I hope it can be meaningful for you to feel empowered. That is what we need to be respected for what we are good at, and not disrespected cuz we don't fit into some narrow, preconceived idea of what intelligence looks like, cuz I know some smart people who are helpless on their own!


i was bullied in school because i was different then all the rest of the guys in school. the guys wanted to either beat me up or rape me because i was gay. i just tried to stay to my self but i often got beaten up in school. i just turned away from every one and tried to get along with every one even if it hurt.


Oh my god this is making me. Cry but yeah getting a long with people is what i want to do but i cant help it if they think that in anyoing what have i done to them


Believe me, it's nothing to do with what you've done. Kids in general are primed to notice peoples' differences in general, whereas bullies take it one step further and also pick out what they perceive as someone's weaknesses.

I was bullied at school; it wasn't nice I admit. I'm left handed, ginger, only child, fat, gay, crap at sport, brainy - a bully's wet dream so to speak. I've never had a problem with being any of those things; the ones who have the problem are the bullies.

One thing to remember about bullies is that they feel really crap about themselves, so they make themselves feel better by making others feel the way they feel. We've no idea what goes on in a bully's home. They could be being subjected to abuse, neglect, or living in a situation they know they can't change or control. If someone's witnessed an abusive relationship from an early age, that may be the only way they know how to relate to people.

But on the other hand, you get bullies who pick on others because they perceive their victim to be weaker/inferior to them, and they do it just because they feel like it.

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