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Well... Hey all! - Gay Guys! <3

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Well it's been a few months since I've been on here!
It's all down to University, you can guess how busy I've been, well now I've finished for Christmas so I'm gonna have a bit of extra time on my hands! Guess what! There is no half term in Uni! My heart almost gave in when they told me!
So, I'm single and just waiting to mingle, a few guys have engaged my interest if you know what I mean
I'm getting closer to driving! So joys!
Moodle crashed in Uni which is our base for all our work so for 2 and a half weeks we couldn't do any work so we've all been given a 14 day extension on all assignments!
I've also had arguments with two tutors and five students but that's just me, I'm an argumentative sod! Also, I've learned quite a few big words! Uni had worn me out so much that I'm actually going to bed at 9:00pm on the dot XD The joys of being a responsible adult XD
I wanted to stay in Student Halls but it's cheaper staying at home XD
I've cut my hair again and I'm back to the spikes!
Sadly my Colitis is flaring up and I'm experiencing a bit of severe bowel pain - but not of the nice kind if you get my meaning!
As you can probably tell by reading this I'm really happy, I've been in a really good mood for a while and I'm loving life and enjoying being me!
And I gotta mention this! Tom Daley came out as bisexual! Well shut my mouth and call me gay monkey! I saw it coming for ages but when he actually came out it still shocked me and I was fucking landed! The fact that he's got a boyfriend too makes a whole lot cuter! But if I found him under my Christmas tree I would not be walking come Boxing Day! If I was to get out of bed, I mean with Tom Daley in your bed who in their right mind would leave!?
And top wrap this up Elementus: Rising Dawn will hopefully be published in mid 2014 if things go as I hope!

So guys, I know you've all missed me, but tell me, what have I missed?


very happy you're back Richard! )
kiss you welcome...


I wondered where you had been. So glad you are doing well. You have my personal email, Drop me a line,. Maybe we can talk/cam?
Oh and Merry Christmas.


Welcome back! I'm so glad your life is going so well, Richard. Nice to meet you too, I'm new here.


welcome back baby, you know your mine so i do not know why you are still looking lol just kidding, i sure hope you are haveing a great holiday season sexy stud man


Glad that you are so happy. May your holidays be great. I came down with a bad case of colitis - put me in the hospital for six days and almost ruined my plans for the holidays. Two of my three Drs. said go just take it easy. Well the other one I will contact when I get back home after the holidays.

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