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The Nurse - Gay Guys! <3

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An old man is in a retirement house because he is weak and cannot simply take care of himself anymore. Every morning when he wakes up he dances around his room. When you ask him why is he dancing around when he should be resting, he replies that he’s dancing with his wife! The nurses just let him go because he’s causing no harm. The other old people just look at him and call him a crazy old fool. They old people talk about his dancing because his wife has been at rest for over 10 years now. They just wish he would get on with life.

Every time this man gets a chance though, he goes back to his room and dances again. Never spends time with the others. You hear his wife’s favorite dance song playing and their wedding song playing too; all the time in his room. Every time he is always dancing. Dancing- dancing and dancing. The nurses just simply watch him when in his room; just to see this man at joy with himself. This doesn’t bother the man at all.

One day the when the man was waking up, a new nurse came into his room. She asked him, “so how’s your wife doing and how come you’re not dancing yet?” The man replies, “I’ve never seen you before. My wife has been dead for over 10 years now.; and how did you know about my dancing? You look very familiar though. How is that? Where have I seen you before?” The nurse simply replied with the brightest face and smile that you have ever seen, “you have seen me before. We have known each other as long as the first time you met your wife!” The man looked very confused. The man replied, “ That’s not funny young lady! Do you relies how old I am? You can’t be no more then 20 years old young lady!”

The nurse replied, “You will always be my Tiger. Let’s have this dance”. The man replied”. Only my WIFE says that to me when we’re alone!” How did you know that?” The nurse replied. “you are only as young as you feel Tiger” I have been watching over you all these years”. At he time the man felt himself getting young against. Then he started to see his wife! It was the nurse! She looked like the very first time they met! The nurse replied, “Now Tiger, you see who I am now?” Lets dance.” The nurse and the man danced and danced and danced and danced in bright light.

A nurse came into his room. All she heard was his music playing. The man had passed away with a big smile on his face.


With tears in my eyes, no words needed!


That's beautiful!

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