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I have been going over old blogs with intentions of deleting them when I came across this one that I wrote 7 years ago to a fellow blogger--he has come a long since 2006 and is leading a life by example for those coming up behind him!
Hopefully your 30s won't be as tumultrious as mine were but from what I have read, and talking to other men, it is 10 years of many changes.My 30s were a remarkable decade on a rollar coaster ride--I went from being a little fish in a HUGE pond to a HUGE fish in a small pond then back to the little fish in a HUGE pond again.
IF I had to pick one decade of my life that was the most interesting it would be the 30s.

I started off living in a very cramped studio apartment in NYC working as a waiter, spending every tip I made on booze and crusing--2 years later I was living in a magnificent townhouse in Memphis netting $90, 000 a year (remember this is 1970s money) with ALL expenses (food, clothes, car, etc.) paid for by the company.
I was interviewed on TV, the radio, in newspapers and magazines--traveling all over the States and the world.
5 years later I was in a very messy business, and relationship, divorce (too bad palimony wasn't around then!) including appearances in court. I left the business and opened my own.
Left the lover/hater and met another.
I went through TA therapy (that's when I read "Passages") and learned who I was.
I was really at my peak physically--lost 100+ pounds (thank god for being young and the skin 'elastic')--modestly, a HUNK! And it was the time of real big changes in men's clothing--see through shirts and trousers--but then there was the Neru suit.
I stopped lying--a big issue for my first 29 years.
I started to give up improbable dreams and faced reality. I became a man instead of remaining a boy. (If you aren't familiar with it try to read or listen to the Charles Aznavour, a French singer and actor, "What Is A Man?" Or Paul's--in "A Chorus Line"--monologue about discovering what a man is and there not being many.)
The 30s are the time you want to show the world what you have acquired--I was doing 'bling' before it was fashionable.
The most important questions I had--looking at myself, my friends, my world--were: 1) Is this what I want? 2) What do I want? By the time I reached 40 I knew the answers to both questions.

The only advice I can give you as you reach your 30s is to start taking care and being serious about your health--what you do or don't do in your 30s will start showing up in your mid 50s to 60s.

Life goes faster as you get older so enjoy your 30s--the bad, the good and the ugly--get ready for changes--I wish you only the good!


Tnx 4 that Martin, Great Read

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