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How long can you keep up that face?
How many times tonight will your lips unfurl to a smile?
How can you work in this place concealing such grace?
How would you like to leave with me... and see the world for a while?

Hang up your apron and baggy jeans for this little number,
Come dance with me through the night until morning light,
Laughing and singing through streets rapt in slumber,
Your soft eyes reflecting the moon, so magnificently bright.

Let me take your hand, oh this night we set sail,
On a thrilling journey to a remote place called love,
Making memories and writing our own midnight tale,
A side by side silhouette, diamond-set dark velvet above.

Without even trying, you emit beauty, passion and elegance,
From your slender model figure to your lush flowing hair,
Dancing in the wind, my heart shocked by your electric radiance,
my one true Sarah



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