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My Real Love Poem - Poetry Group

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God’s grand, green country near a river
An open, blue sky with bountiful, white clouds
You are that kind of inspiration

An actor’s failure of hope in the climax
A weaken cry stressed by an overwhelm of desperation
You are the turnaround surprise after the curtains call

A man’s humanity can’t compromise his complexity
You’ve robbed prince charm’s opportunity, yet you’ve swept me off my feet
You are that kind of romance

Your love wasn’t one in a million since it out best more than a billon others
You cuddled with me between the sheets and shared your TV remote with me
You are that kind of empathy hidden behind simple acts

I am your lamb and you are my lion while we lay down to sleep
I am the fish and you are the bird whom fell in love
This is God’s work of blessing in disguise

(Let me know what you think)

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