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I am not different than others. I don’t wish to be single all my life. I also dream of settling with someone special, raise a family, and live a happy life. Me being a homosexual doesn’t change the entire set-up. My feelings and emotions are as pure as any other heterosexual person.

Whenever I say that I am a homosexual, people starts to look as if I have committed a crime. Many might say that homosexual world is not bad, and good and genuine people exist in the community. Whereas I haven’t seen or came across anyone like that. I have been surfing the social networking sites and various dating services since more than 8 years, I have understood one thing, people expect models always the other side.

I am not a model, but certainly not an ugly person. For me, beauty comes from within. People don’t have patience to even understand other and want things instantly. I can’t fall for a person until and unless I know that person well. But, I find people doing otherwise.

They have a brief meeting, start exchanging a lot of information and within a month express their ‘love’ to each other and go into a relationship. Later, within a few month I understand that both are separated because that spark was missing. I faced the similar situation, twice. Once, a guy was not ready to meet me at all, but he proposed me. He said that he has spoken to his parents and would like to marry me. I said, I can’t as he was not ready to meet me. I felt angry and sad. It made me felt that others take so much advantage of a single gay man who is looking for relationship. They simply want to have sex and try out every possible way.

Other guy, with whom I have been chatting for a few months, said would like to make me his partner. We meet and figured out that we are complete opposite person. I would have adjusted but then he was not at all ready to respect me as a person so I had to no. He said, he want to hear a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ that very instant. How can I decide without knowing a person well? I am single but certainly not that desperate that I will take a hasty decision. So, I said no to him.

Relationship is not easy. It demands a lot of time and patience. You have to not only accept a person’s positive habits, but also have to accept his/her’s fault that equal compassion. Normally, people fall for the good things, and as and when they start spending time some negative things comes into picture and they people starts to think otherwise. You have to have patience.

It is no possible for anyone to understand a person in a couple of meetings. For that, you have to spend as many time as possible and for a long term. Then only you will understand what he/she likes, and when and where that person gets angry or irritated. These small things play a very vital role in development of a relationship. Also, you can’t expect one person to understand you or adjust with you. It should come from both sides. If only one is showing compassion then that relationship, no matter how strong, will never go a long way.

I am ready to spend my time in order to understand a person. But is anyone there to do the same? If yes, then please approach. Waiting for the special one…


You are young and there in nothing wrong with that but you have a whole life ahead of you to explore, discover and learn and, yes, maybe meet someone alogn the way--some never do and yet have a great life.
You wrote about many different subjects here--too many to be discussed all at once
Why do you feel you have to say " My feelings and emotions are as pure as any other heterosexual person. " Who says they aren't? Why are you listening to those people?
"Whenever I say that I am a homosexual, people starts to look as if I have committed a crime." That is THEIR problem not yours--why give their opinions more worth than yours?
"homosexual world is not bad, " Except for the fact of who we sleep with we and we have more hostilities to face we are no different from the heteorsexual world--we all do/want the same things.
Regarding other people--it is an old cliche--"You have to kiss many frogs to find a prince" and there are many frogs out there--you may or may not find a prince but learn to love and be comfortable with yourself---you can live alone and not be lonely--there is nothing wrong with having high expectations but people want the same from you--do you want to live up to someone elses expectations?
Instead of looking for the love of your life right now look to make friends--people you can count on---people you can share things with--people you can trust--one or more good friends is/are important in life and harder to find!

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