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I am NOT depressing or at least I don't try to be my situation is or at least it was I'm not a bad person and I don't intend to be if I am I'm sorry as it is I am happy hope you are too just know I love and care about each and
everyone of you

I started writing on February 19th, I've been writing ever sense. I am 34 right now, and I have just over a month till I will be 35. I had my surgery on August 27th, everything is looking great. I have no idea who my birth family is, my adopted family is dead. It makes no difference, because I know there are people out there who do care about me. One day and/or someday I will meet them. I am well, and I thank God that I'm alive.

Death is only word, nobody ever truly dies, its just some people wish they would. There is life after, the life we live here on earth, But where we live is up to us. God loves us, and wants us to be happy. I have seen the garden, and it is beautiful. I have fallen, but I always seem to pick myself right back up. God has shown me the way, all I need to do is live it.

What is the difference between dude and dudette God and Goddess he she him her and why do people speak of themself in the 3rd person and and how are we doing today when they are talking to only one person maybe this is just my opinion maybe it is in ignorance or lack of knowledge I don't know I suppose that if they are comfortable with it to each their own right

Nobody's bad but nobody's perfect everyone makes mistakes our intentions are good at least they should be we learn from our mistakes then we start all over we are
misunderstood we try to help others to understand we are all different but the same
it's the way of life and life is not a game

Victory in Jesus, to God be the Glory, Salvation is given, but not always received. Why is that? God love each and everyone of you. Trust and Believe.

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