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My brother is 5 years older than me and I seem to remember my wanting to be as old as he was as we grew up in our childhood. It's funny as when we are younger we can't wait to get older but at what age do we want to stop getting older? Why does time go so slow when you are a kid and yet so fast when you get middle aged and beyond?

When I was 13, had my Bar Mitzvah and became a 'man', I couldn't wait to become 18 because that meant I could legally drink alcohol (hey, remember that was the stone age--things were different!), drive a car, wasn't jail bait anymore and could buy cigarettes.

Oh yes, and enlist in the Marines. Before i knew it I was twenty-one, living in Florida, earning a living and then I was 30, living in New York, fat, drinking, single and life was starting to move fast. What happened? As a teenager you sort of think you will never get that old, never reach thirty and then one day you are there. Wasn't there a movie about putting people over 30 in a 'camp', wasn't the saying of the day, "Don't trust anyone over thirty"? Was that when time started to go too fast?

Now that I am in my 70s how come when I talk about something that happened a 'few' years ago it is really 30, or more, 40 years ago? Why are stage shows like "The King and I" and "South Pacific" celebrating their 60th anniversary or movies like "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" was in theatres 58 years ago when I just saw them 'yesterday'? "The Godfather" is 41 years old! How can I reconcile the fact I saw "A Chorus Line" 37 years ago when I could swear it was just a couple of months ago I sat in the first row of the mezzanine at the Shubert theatre seeing it for the first time and didn't the revival just tour here or was that really 5 years ago?

Next time I want to talk about going from 31 to 78 'overnight' and kids still impatient to grow up fast and as much as we want to slow them down it's a lost cause.


so true! I'm 50 now and time is really starting to go by too fast! But it's never too late...

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