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I never get tired walking around Gateway taking pictures and enjoying all that Mother Nature offers. If you ever have the time and want to see more of where I live just go to http://www.youtube.com/user/GreatMartin1 Most are 20-30 second videos of Gateway and/or my apartment.

Recently I have been very busy deleting blogs. When I started blogging it was strictly to continue keeping a diary as I have done since I was 10 years old--with the closet filled with notebooks this was a great alternative! At 2 blog sites I had over 6,500 blogs with at least 98% original posts and now that I started getting rid of the 2% that I C & P'd plus those that aren't relevant anymore it has become quite a job. Just transferring them to an outside drive, not to mention getting to the first page, is time consuming. The main thing is that I have found many I can repeat today that I wrote 7-8 years ago and they are as fresh as they were when I wrote them. There are a few like my "A Jew Looks At Christmas" that I have posted every December along with the Halloween post and my series of celebrating February 29 Leap Year birthdays.

After I make some head way with the deleting I plan to start rewriting my "7 Decdaes" series and will have it published in 2014--in all probability the last book I will write.

On another subject it looks like a busy week coming up--Wednesday we go to see the touring company of "Chicago" which starts the Fort Lauderdale theatre season and on Friday "Mamma Mia" at the Arsht Center in Miami which starts their season. We are talking about going down to South Miami Beach and spending the day there maybe seeing a movie, having a late lunch possibly at the Bayside marina in Miami and then the show. Throw in Thursday with the Cafe Vico and The Pantry plus errands like food shopping we may meet ourselves coming and going.

Due to contractional reasons/agreements I have to post my touring company reviews first at www.broadwayshowbiz.com so look for them over the weekend. A lot of good shows coming along this season like "Book of Mormon", "Once" plus the two I already mentioned and about 8 more. One of my many joys in life is going to the theatre!

It is a beautiful Sunday here in Fort Lauderdale so I am taking the Sunday paper, going down to The Point and just relax. I can't wait for my eye, NET and dermatologist doctors give me the okay to go swimming again. I miss the water but the sun and blue sky sort of make up for it. I read that it is Autumn here--we may only get to a high of 85 degrees today and the humidity is very low--I may have to start 'winterizing' my place soon---NOT!


Dear Martin D. Goodkin,
I saw your videos and I enjoyed seeing them.


Thank you--now you lnow where I live--ready to come on down for a visit?

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