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I HATE CELL PHONES--okay, I am not a lover of phones in general but I see no reason to use a cell phone IN PUBLIC except for a 911 call--and people who don't turn off their phones in movies, theatres, restaurants should have them taken away--I don't care about 'vibrate'--when they open their phone that very annoying light (especially in a dark theatre) is extremely distracting--and I don't want to hear your personal business or "What do you want for dinner?" in the supermarket--won't even get into car phones!

RUDE PEOPLE--and we are surrounded by them--sales people, kids (even our own), relatives, strangers, drivers, customers and the list goes on.

BERATING YOUR CHILD IN PUBLIC--if you will do that I shudder what you do to the child at home.

DISCRIMINATION, prejudice, put downs.

WHINERS who blame everyone and everything else except where the blame is--with them.

PEOPLE who turn down the corners of books.

NEGATIVE people.

PEOPLE who do good and somehow everyone knows about it.

HYPOCRITES--who think they are the only ones who do everything right and know everything.

NOT RSVP(ing) to invitations--not returning calls--not sending birthday cards, thank you notes, etc.

And that is only a few of the things that annoy me--why can't all people be as perfect as I am????????????? HUSH)

Serving sizes on food cans, packages, etc.---are they serving sizes for ants?

Being put on hold--then adding insult to injury, disconnecting me when finally making contact.

ISP's--not being able to talk to a human being unless you are willing to pay or, even better, advised to go to a web page when you can't get on the Internet!

Movies that are 20-30 minutes too long to show off the director's 'artistic' side--like Brokeback Mountain (did we really have to see 20 minutes of sheep on the mountain side to convey the guys were doing a lonely, boring job?) or Memoirs Of A Geisha or a dozen other films I have seen recently. (This was back in 2006!)

Ageism--like Chita Rivera can still dance at HER age?--or Dick Van Dyke looks great at 90!-- anyone over 60 can still do things as well, if not better, than younger folks. (Yes, even 'that'!)

Someone saying "Some of my best friends are----." You fill in the blank Jewish, gay, christian, black,, etc., and someone standing silently when a 'joke' is told that offends their 'friends' whether they are present or not.

Two faced people. (That's a blog of its own!)

Tip jars on counters.

Talking about tips (since I was a server for 38 years I'll do a whole blog on that someday)--fine you don't want to tip then go to a fast food or self serve place to eat.

People who don't acknowledge politeness with "Thank you" or don't respond with a "You're welcome"--and those that don't say "Please" when asking for something (including parents!)

People who use curse words and/or vulgar expressions--I was a Marine and the strongest word I ever used was "Sh-o-o-o-t" as only a Southerner (or a transplanted Yankee) can say it. The naughtiest curseword I ever heard as a youngster from my parents was their saying 'banana oil'--don't ask me! LOL

Ads for theatrical events--plays, musicals, concerts,opera, ballet, etc.,--without prices.

Ridiculous money add ons for the above.

Web site 'masters' who don't respond to questions.

People who are late for dates, appointments--I'm usually early, their late, so it starts off bad!

Doctors who keep you waiting unreasonable times (more than 15 minutes after appointment time)--I've changed more than 1 doctor because of this, including my cardiologist--and don't put me in a room near appointment time only to wait 30-45 minutes.

People who don't acknowledge a kindness shown them,

Mornings annoy me so I avoid them as much as possible )

I annoy myself when I don't use my intelligence.

People who crack their knuckles in public.

People coming to a theatre or movie late.

People who don't care.

People who are 'bitchy' and mean it.

Being a 'third wheel'.

Most militants.

Liars and snobs--though I have a past history of being the former which I went through therapy for 41 years ago.

Friends who forget my birthday--it only comes once every 4 years.


The things above annoy me but don't ANNOY me for the most part but high on the list are cell phones, parents not respecting their kids and people not respecting each other which, sadly, is not rare on the Internet


High on my list is some one that thinks we really care about things that annoy him...


We share the same feelings. BRAVO for you!!


Yep Jerry--I see I got you covered in the second item listed! LOL BUT meanwhile you did read it or at least come to the page.


I was forgetting you're another one of us "leap-year children", Martin! I love the fact that when I'm 84, everyone will be able to sing "21 Today" without a hint of irony! :-D


How do you forget a Leap Year Baby?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am gpoing to be 20 in2016--coming to the bash????


That would be cool, actually. I'd love to. You can introduce me to some of those Fort Lauderdale boys! ;-)

It will be my 14th...


They will be lined up like candles on a cake ready to be--------!!!!
Start saving your pennies.


No. They hurt when I kneel on the huge diamonds in them! I think I'll use the fleece.lined leather ones... :-D


With the heat and humidity you may want to rethink fleece lined leather--will make your knees sweat!


Is that lie, lay or go down????? You gay guys are so much fun I may have to try it!




I don't pull LEGS!!!

Hi Japheth--welcome to our little corner of the world.

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