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Under a democratic shield,
Beneath the enticing charm,
Lies an autocratic exterior,
Revealing cursed ideas, cruelty and harm.

In a coalescence of evil,
Where the good woman stands alone,
And evil pierces a woman’s heart,
Her true integrity, never shown.

And she, full of mesmerizing beauty,
A dutiful, dependable dove,
With a heart as the moist as the allure,
Within the woman who licked away her love.

The letter she adored,
As her plan began to mould,
But she never glanced behind the curtains,
Where the woman watched beneath the subtle folds.

Persuasion was her tactic,
Persuasion was her key,
As she strode off into the world,
To find out what awaited thee.

But the villain grew weary,
Her heart had lost its evil hilt,
As she felt something, never felt before,
Tumbling, tumbling, cascading guilt.

What has cursed you,
Where has your soulless heart flown,
What is this human feeling,
This tinge of weakness, now shown.

Where is that splash of murder,
That reeks inside your bones,
Where has your guiltless heart flown,
What are you Stranger, make your purpose known.

Get up poor woman,
Look at your sorry self,
Why is your face as pale as the tears,
Which washes your hatred away.

I will prevail,
I shall not let my contempt die,
Why, why do I feel so different,
When I look in her innocent eyes.

She clambered up the disjointed, stone stairs,
As a plan she began to create,
As she ambled into the house,
To find the woman that would soon seal her fate.

A figure absconded from the house,
As ghosts uttered their illicit farewells,
A lifeless being laid in Her hands,
And she strode away, walking towards Hell.

A faceless figure is seen, slitting through the silence,
Through ashes mumbling their malicious spells,
Dust caressing her blood tarnished claws,
And ringing far away in the shunned night, reverberating cemetery bells.

Where does your heart lie,
As this tale lingers in your mind,
A girl with luscious curls as vulnerable,
As her poor defected soul.

Who haunts you,
In the corners of your heart,
What do you think they deserve,
A life for a life.

And on top of her body,
Strewn away from the world,
A dutiful dependable dove,
Swept away, its wings unfurled.


It is so lovely to read your work
Ola you truly are wonderful

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