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Arrived and was greeted by chilly weather, a cool 14 degrees, after leaving Dallas at 29 degrees. 25 hours of flying and airports is quite crap, but hey I arrived safely.
Checked into my hotel on Spencer Street, and slept for about 6 hours straight. Took a taxi to the Esplanade and did some walking around there, ended up at the Florentine restaurant on Church Street, had some yummy Aussie food and then did some shopping, took a taxi back to my hotel where I met some nice girls from New Zealand and I am going out with them tonight. Can’t wait….
Hey the people of Melbourne are as friendly as they say….
To be continued…..


Hope you have a great trip--don't know when this is taking place (29 degrees in Dallas? Or are you talikg in Australia temps?)
I didn't care for Melboiurne--liked Kings Cross in Sidney--idf you get a chnace or have it planned New Zealand is absolutely beautiful with the greatest people--I really want to go back there, rent a car in Auckland and drive the length of NZ.
Looking forward to more reports but let us know when this is taking place LOL


well welcome back my friend!!

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