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Living Alone, But Not Feeling Lonely - Your WRITES

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In one day, in one moment
everyone and everything you've knew your whole life is gone...
No one tells you it's going to be alright because in the future, it never will be alright afterwards.
No one tells you that those familiar days become wishful thoughts, a memory. When the clouds have settled after the destruction weakness becomes your friend and bittersweet memories tingle numbness throughout your body.
The questions begin to fly in and out of you, 'What happened?' 'Where do I go from here?' 'What do I do now?' 'Is this really happening to me?' 'Where is home?'
It is a long road ahead with many obstacles to face and overcome. Encourage isn't easy to find, strength is lost, and anger, pain seem like the only way to gain anything back.
Now, there isn't much fear anything or anyone. Life seems so simple now than it ever done. Peace comes so quick and easy that dreams feel possible. Paradise is somewhere peaceful, simple, and easy.
Maybe I am not the one who lost everything. Maybe, in hard times as painful as now, there is clarity to see things for what they truly mean.


The title of your subject matter is my theme song--30 years ago I made the decision to live alone--it was basically the best decision I ever made in my life--and, yes, I have NEVER been lonely once.
3 times in my life all was gone--sometimes financially, sometimes emotionally, once both at the the same time and I discovered you never lose everything as long as you have yourself! My home is within me.

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