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Elementus series - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey guys and gals!

This is just to inform you have a new book series that has been given publishing approval! I have been informed by my Publishing Consultant that her publishing company want to see the manuscript as soon as it becomes available, so it looks almost certain that the book will be published in 2014 (I hope!)

The books comes in three parts as three separate books concentrating on the same story. Now I'm only going to give you the synopsis of the first book because if any of you want to read it when it comes out I don't to ruin the other two for you :P

Elementus: Rising Dawn
Life in a little town of Wales is quiet and busy, until the crash of a meteorite changes everyone's life forever, most residents develop strange powers which eventually causes an all out war where only the strongest will survive and the weak will die! However, that meteorite isn't all that it seems...

The other two books already have their names ready they are: Elementus: Darkest Hour & Elementus: Setting Sun

This is the official fan page on Facebook run by myself! https://www.facebook.com/ElementusSeries?fref=ts

I hope to inform you when this book becomes available and I pray everynight that it becomes a really successful book, if it does then it would honestly be a dream come true - ever since I was a really young boy I've dreamed of becoming a successful author and now it looks like this dream is getting ever so close. Thanks guys!


If only one persons reads it, and it touches them, that's far more important than if it's a wild success. (but.. I wish you the best of luck with it being a wild success!)


Richard congratulaions BUT please (from a 8 time published author) because a book is published it doesn't mean being successful. Yes writing a book and having it in print is a success but you will really have to break your back getting out there and hustling to sell it just to break even and most books don't even do that BUTY (again) congratulations and I hope it brings you the success you have and are dreaming about.


For some reason the link isn't working at all, really strange
If you go on Facebook type in the search bar 'Elementus series' and it should come up

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