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To Soon, Renee’ Elizabeth Maria By Renee’ - Poetry Group

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To Soon, Renee’ Elizabeth Maria
By Renee’
22nd March 2010

I heard one day that there was a beautiful seed been planted
This seed was the most precious thing to me
When I was told the this seed was to carry my name
A joy filled my soul and I was so excited
I watch this seed grow
She was so active and alive
Always kicking and moving restlessly

Mommy was glowing and proud
She would tell me that this seed was just like me
Always on the go
Never seeming to say no
Now there was only just over a month to go
For the most beautiful flower to bloom
And this flower would brighten up the room

I was lying on my bed
Been sleeping like the dead
When the news came from afar
That my beautiful flower was in danger
Now I sit here and wonder why
This flower came 6 weeks to soon
I sit helpless and alone
My beautiful flower is hanging to life by a thread
Please let her live and take me instead

There she lay
Born on this day
So small and tender
My beautiful flower
I will do anything for you
Be strong and live for so long
I am coming my lil Renee’ Elizabeth Maria
My beautiful flower
Please wait for me
My precious Godchild

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