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In a relationship for the first time since October!
9 months of singledom has come to end 8th July 2013 (8/07/13) the day I will remember, the day he asked me to be his boyfriend.
I could cry with joy!
The only problem being he does live a little bit far away from me, but we both live in Wales at least XD
I live in Port Talbot and he lives in Aberdare - thank god for Skype!
Since I have a better range of transport (my cousin being able to drive) we'll be able to see eachother often, and since I'm learning how to drive, so distance isn't that bad!
So yeah, 8/07/13 a day I'll never forget - my stars said this year will be a special one


Gret news Richard. Hope it works out really well for you.


Excellent :-}. That's great news!
Now, pass that driving test, so there less probs.
Have fun - take care
I wish you both well & all is good for you. xxx


Fantastic, congratulations RIchard! One less lonely guy


It took me awhile to figure out the date you posted. I guess the EU and other NON USA places reverse the month and day.. To me 8/7/2013 looks like AUGUST 7. I finally figure out you meant July 8. Anyway Congrats on your new BF. I know U have been thru a lot in the last couple of years. Just take things slow and let it develop.

BTW the reason I have not been on here much of late is my MAIN computer crashed a while ago and to make a long story short the used machine I pressed into service was slower than molasses runnin UP hill. Last week that one too DIED and now I am on yet another USED machine. I am waiting on some serious money to come in and than I am haing someone build me not one but 2 brand new custom built machines running Win7. (You couldn't get me to use 8 if you paid me! Total POS!) Anyway thats WHY I've not been on here.

Again good luck with the new BF. Now I need to find one...


Enjoy every moment of it--nothing like being 21 and in love--even I remember those days!! LOL
Give your boyfriend a hug and kiss for me!


it,s nice to see people getting together hope it works out and enjoy

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