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Remember me - Your WRITES

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Remember me

Leave now!
Then everything will be perfect
All we have
Is how you remember me
A strong and beautiful memory
If you remember that way
I’ll be able to face anything
God love
You are my immortality

Know this
I’m gonna be alright
I’m going home
I need to do this
I want you to go on
I want you to have a beautiful and long life
The one you deserve

Remember you have me forever
I will always love you
And always be in your heart
As you are in my heart
Now let me go
You’ll be better without me

Close your eyes
Open your heart
See me in there
I’ll be with you till eternity
Close your eyes
And I’ll give a soft gentle kiss
I love you darling

Remember me
Now I’ll walk away
Tears flood my eyes
My heart is breaking
Good Bye my love
Good Bye

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