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Though we are always asked, "Don't you miss the 4 seasons?" it is obvious that the person asking that question doesn't live here. It being June it is the season of fruit trees producing all over--mangoes are falling out of the trees, avocados are starting to appear but the surest signs that Spring is bursting out all over are the vivid red and purple Jacaranda trees plus the Queen crepe myrtle trees.Oh I forgot to mention the afternoon rains, the humidity climbing and temps in the 90s--summer is right around the corner !

Allen is leaving for the northeast, to see his daughter and his twin grandchildren, at 5 in the morning and though I hate to see him leave I must admit it will be great having his car for a week--I WILL BE FREE!

Being old and seeing an ad "Only $35 per person" for a restaurant can be pretty shocking! In fact burgers costing $12-15, lunch averaging $15-20 person and $25+ per person for dinner can cause sticker shock! Doesn't mean I will stop eating out but I do look for those 2-4-1 deals!!!

Did I ever mention that my aunt Flo and Uncle Ritchie owned a bakery in Sunrise, Florida (a suburb of Fort Lauderdale) in the 1970s and 1980s? She took care of the front of the store and he did the baking--I use to love going there at 4-5 in the morning when he was baking and I became the 'official taster'. He was a master baker!

I find the older I get the less patience I have with people, especially those who think they know it all, and I don't mind telling them so. :O)

Did you know that The Dollar Tree will ship you things without shipping and handling charges when you order from their web page? Of course I prefer going there because I have so much fun buying things!

Just to clarify, because it seems to be asked so often in general terms, I blog for myself--it has replaced my diaries and gives me more room on my closet shelves. I appreciate when people read my posts and make comments but then I post at sites where no one responds.

Did I mention that I got another royalty check for my book "The Free Prisoner"? And this is 8-9 years later. I, also, just discovered a disk that I had buried away of the complete book.

I was 'threatened' by someone--a Republican, of course--on facebook that they were going to block me--I said 'please do as I see it as a badge of honor'. Why are republicans, conservatives and/or christians so eager to 'block' people on the Internet??

I am starting to delete blogs on the various sites that I do posting though some don't have that option. Mostly they will be the few C & Ps or posts about the weather or subjects that don't mean anything anymore. It is a job and a half.

Another hard task is the one I am doing getting all my user names and passwords together--I started by using the same password for everything years ago but now some want numbers inserted or have other conditions while some were so obvious it was silly so I am changing those.

Did you ever notice that, like in real life, some people have to have THE last word when it comes to commenting on posts? I think it is funny.

Boy did I goof last month--I put my mail in the 'rent check' box and the rent check into the 'to go mail'--had to wait until Mark the mailman came to get the check out of the mailbox! But one of the advantages , of the many, of being old is you can blame ALL mistakes on age!

Most of the sites I blog on have 'tags' but I find them almost a waste as I can't ever find anything by typing in a tag!!!

That's about it for now--if I miss a day or two you know I am out, going around town, in the car! 8 hours to go as Allen has to be at the airport at 5 AM!

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