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After disappearing from the site a few weeks ago, I'm back! - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey guys!

Well as you may have guessed I haven't really posted much or commented on many discussions here lately.
I haven't really got an excuse for my absence (I feel like I'm back at school!) I just stopped coming on gays.com - I guess I've been pretty busy with University coming up very soon and driving lessons every week!
Not much has happened over these past weeks, I'm making good progress with my book that I'm hoping to get published at the end of this year or beginning of next, I've started exercising - it's bloody hard work! My arms feel like they're gonna drop off! - My voice is going, I've been struck down with some weird cold that has gave me a severe sore throat for 2 days, a blocked nose for a week, and now a bad cough has started and my voice keeps on coming and going and last but not least my love life is now -finally! - not looking so complicated!
So, all in all, it's been a good few weeks - what have I missed?


You are the 6th person here who hopes to have a book published--we should start our own publishing company!!!


Richard, always nice to read your postings and hear how things are going. I have been following pretty closely all the debates, statements and articles about the Same Sex Marriage Bill that's been going through House of Commons and now House of Lords, including watching some of the debates live on Internet TV. I'm now also doing a day a week of volunteering on the Information Service run by Stonewall in London, providing all sorts of information to LGB callers or emailers. Good luck with the driving lessons, preparing for Uni etc, and hope your cold/throat/bug goes soon!

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