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All I could ask myself after May 1, 2002, was "Why didn't I retire when I was born?" WE need a new system--you collect Social Security from either graduating high school or college until you are 62 and then you go to work until you die!!! With the way life spans are going that could be 30-50 years! Most of my life I really didn't work hard. Writing certainly wasn't hard. I loved being a server and really didn't see it as work--except when it came to side-work! As far as the 10 years I spent with Weight Watchers and Our Weigh that was a lot of fun and also wouldn't fit the category of work so retiring just offered me more time of doing things I like.

Nothing gets me crazier than when I hear, "Why should I retire? What would I do?" or that they are bored being retired. I am still trying to figure out how I got things done when I was working as my schedule is so full now I meet myself coming and going. I need/want 28 hours in a day and at least 8 days in a week! Between going to see the stage version of "The Lion King" at the Broward Performing Arts Center or the world premiere of "When Women Steal" on the Florida Stage not to forget going to the movies and liking James Franco in "Spiderman" (When did he stop making good movies?) or seeing Matt Damon come into his own in "The Bourne Identity" plus pigging out at Sweet Tomatoes (open) and The Chinese Buffet (closed) there was also going down to the pool for 1-2 hours a day and once a week going to the beach in addition to writing 2-3 hours a night on books that I was hoping to get published somewhere around 2006. Time! I neededmoretime!

In October Ed came to town and we went to The Cheesecake Factory (open) and I sent Layde my first 3 essays. I was getting together a book of essays that I planned to publish under the title "Letting It All Hang Out! Commentaries, Musings and Essays From An Old(er), Poor Gay Man". I didn't realize that I was writing blogs before I became familiar with blogs! The following week Robert Igizi came in from New Jersey and after Fuddruckers (closed) we went to the Seminole Casino. Robert was a heavy gambler and he used my card so I would get a lot of free passes to shows during the year. By the end of October I had put on about 5 pounds and was going crazy with the credit card companies calling but really didn't have any complaints about my life. I decided since I was retired I wasn't going to shave anymore and, for some reason, as the beard grew so did the belly!

Pierre, from West Palm Beach, and I were getting friendly and he would come down 2-3 times a week and we would go to dinner and a show or movie, sometimes with Gino, sometimes not. One evening the 3 of us went to see a stage production of "All" and then dinner at Celito Lindo (open) and the next, since he had never been there, we went to Sweet Tomatoes (open) then "Far From Heaven" and in the category of 'Everything old is new again' there is a musical version of that movie opening on Broadway this week!

All in all 2002 was a good year except for the credit card mess I had made in the first few months but once I retired life really got good for me. I was learning to follow a budget and not spending more than I had or before I got it. Also, more important, for the first time I started to save for something--my 17th Leap Year birthday! I thought of it as my last blast and I was already in the planning stages.

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